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Plant Tour Event: CH3 Solutions

Event Date: Thursday March 15th 2018
Time: 8:00am
Price:$199.00 for Members
$249.00 for Non-Members
Event Details:

Hotel Reservations can be made at the Hilton Garden Inn in Dalton, GA. To reserve your room, call 706-529-6000 and reference MAPP, Inc. for the group rate.

It is recommended that attendees fly into the Chattanooga airport.

Small Companies Doing Big Things: How CH3 Solutions Performs on a Big Scale

Small Companies Doing Big Things:

Over twenty years ago, MAPP was founded by small-to-mid-sized processors. What these organizations may have lacked in size, they made up for in innovation, initiative, culture and a drive to compete and perform at the highest levels. In the past two decades, MAPP is proud to have grown into an organization that represents processors of all sizes from all over the country. To kick off 2018, MAPP is announcing its first plant tour, focusing on its founding roots: smaller organizations doing big things. It has always been MAPP’s belief that seeing another’s plant and processes helps members to improve their own. Just because a company is smaller in size doesn’t mean their culture or processes can’t far exceed that of larger organizations.

How CH3 Solutions Performs on a Big Scale: Process, Quality, Culture

MAPP’s first tour in 2018 will be held at CH3 Solutions in Dalton, GA., a 2 year old company who has grown 250% in sales since its inception. Originally founded as a solution to a problem, their sister company couldn’t get quality products from their supplier, CH3 has now made a name for itself as a world-class processor. The company was named by Plastics Technology magazine as one of its Top 25 processors in the world.

CH3’s team prides itself on being adaptable and product-focused – caring about their products and earning trust from their customers. They adapted their processes to match the quality they needed for their main product – basketball and tennis court floors! All assembly work is done in-house, including product-testing, quality and tool maintenance. The organization puts an emphasis on technology and environmental responsibility. From the machinery they use to their manufacturing process, CH3 consistently tries to reduce overall waste and energy consumption each and every day. 

The same care and attention that CH3 pays to its main product line, they also give to their team. Facing the common issue of employee retention, CH3 decided to empower their employees and focus on culture. Supervisors at CH3 will fire up the grill and have BBQ dinners on the shop floor, take the team to Top Golf, out for dinner, and more to foster a sense of community. The team at CH3 feel they have ownership of their machines and their parts because employees have a voice in decision-making. The company has no quality supervisors – the operators are in charge of their machines and are expected to make decisions on quality and improvements. They know that their quality of their work affects the bottom line and their bonuses, thus creating even more sense of ownership in their culture. All of these factors and more have culminated in a winning culture at CH3.

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