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Asia Logistcs Partner : Feb 2nd - We are looking at doing a project in the Shenzhen area with "Company A" and need them to supply the product to "Company B." Both Companies are in Shenzhen but we cannot expose to either one, the identity of other. So....Is anyone aware of a logistics company in the Shenzhen area that "Company A" can ship to and the Logistics Company would re-label, redo the paperwork to show them as the shipper and ship to "Company B?" Wayne

Worker's Comp Classification : Jan 30th - We have been pressured by our insurance carrier to re-classify our mold makers to the same (more expensive) category as our injection molding workers. We resisted this because they are physically located in different building and seldom work on the press floor. The State of Pennsylvania recently audited and agreed with the carrier's classification. Has anyone else experienced this and successfully appealed such a reclassification? Eric Paules

Employees Leaving on Breaks : Jan 26th - Hi, I was curious if anyone had policies around where employees are allowed to go during breaks. We currently do not allow most departments to leave the building other than designated smoking areas (i.e. employees can't go to their cars) however some departments allow employees to leave the premises during breaks to get food. Does anyone have different policies for salaried vs hourly? Are your policies more formal or informal? Thanks Adam Adam Wachter

IQMS' RealTime Manufacturing Process Monitoring software : Jan 26th - Are there members using the above to monitor your molding processes? If so, how does it compare to RJG eDart? What are your biggest complaints? Thanks, Chris cburkhead@indianaplastics.com Chris Burkhead

DOL Reissues Previously Rescinded Opinion Letters : Jan 18th - Under the Obama administration, the Department of Labor (“DOL”) announced that it would no longer issue opinion letters. It also rescinded 17 opinion letters that had been issued under the Bush administration. Opinion letters historically served as a mechanism for the DOL to respond to fact-specific employer inquiries about wage and hour issues. While the opinion letters are not binding law, they remain a helpful resource for employers attempting to navigate the more ambiguous areas of the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”). A recent development suggests that the DOL may, once again, begin issuing opinion letters. On January 5, 2018, the DOL reissued the 17 opinion letters that were rescinded under the Obama administration. These letters offer significant guidance on numerous wage and hour issues, including the exempt status of many specific positions. Of broader relevance, the reissued opinion letters include the following: > FLSA 2018-14 - Salary deductions may be made when an employee is absent from work for one or more full days for personal reasons, other than sickness or disability. Deductions may be made for absences of one or more full days for sickness or disability, if the deductions are made pursuant to “a bona fide plan, policy or practice of providing compensation for loss of salary occasioned by such sickness or disability.” Deductions from an employee’s guaranteed salary may only be taken if the employee misses one or more full days of work. The regulations do not permit salary deductions for partial day absences. > FLSA 2018-11 - In calculating the regular rate of pay for purposes of overtime, job bonuses that are conditioned only on performing the required work associated with the job must be included. > FLSA 2018-7 - Employers may calculate salary deductions for a full-day’s absence on the number of hours actually missed. Therefore, where an employee is scheduled to work nine hours during the workday, the employer may make the deduction for the full nine hours from the employee’s salary (i.e., the amount of time actually missed). The 17 reissued letters, along with older DOL opinion letters, can be found here (https://www.dol.gov/whd/opinion/flsa.htm). Although not every letter is pertinent to all employers, they remain a valuable source of information and worthy of employer review. If you have any questions on this topic, please contact a member of our Labor & Employment Practice Group. Eric Baisden | ebaisden@beneschlaw.com | 216.363.4676 Pete Kirsanow | pkirsanow@beneschlaw.com | 216.363.4481 Karly Johnson | kjohnson@beneschlaw.com | 216.363.6265

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Acker, Jan - CEO
Ackerman, Mike - General Manager
Andre, Dick - President
Ash, Jason - Plant Manager
Ash, Jason - Plant Manager
Atkins, Bradley - General Manager
Austin, Larry - President/CEO
Bachrach, Jon - COO
Bacon, David - General Manager
Bader, Kevin - Business Development Officer
Banfield, David - General Manager
Barker, Joe - Vice President - Plant Manager
Bayer, Tim - Vice President
Beelman, Dawn - VP of Finance
Beirne, Patrick - President
Bess, Bryan - Chief Financial Officer
Bord, Mary Beth - CFO
Bouwman, Jane - CEO
Bowman, Lisa - Accounting Administrator
Boyt, Myra - VP of Operations
Bricker, Rodney - President
Buchholz, Al - VP Operations
Buchmann, Mathias - General Manager
Buchmann, Lindsay - Logistics Manager
Buisman, Stan - VP Business Development
Callahan, Ed - President
Capps, Crystal - VP of Finance/Materials
Capps, Tim - President
Carmichael, Bruce - General Manager
Cartner, Mike - Finance/CFO
Cartuyvelles, Rick - Genereal Manager
Caruso-Stueck, Lynn - General Manager
Chalmers, John - Vice President of Quality and Purchasing
Cirone, Michael - President
Close, Vincent - ERP/Network Administrator
Clyde, Bill - Owner
Concordia, Gene - General Manager
Couch, Damien - Sales Representative
Cox, Gerald - President
Crowe, Darryl - Owner
Currier, John - President
Davis, Patti - Controller
Delaney, Mark - VP Operations and Engineering
Dickerson, Ken - President
Dickinson , Bill - President
Dielschneider, Chad - President/CEO
Doleshaw, Scott - COO
Doty, Doug - General Manager
Duffey, Tom - President
Duggan, Ted - General Manager
Dunne, Robert - President
Dunne, Bill - Operations Manager
Eberle, Jim - President
Edwards, Jon - Production Manager
Everson, Keith - President & CEO
Fabiszak, Ed - VP Sales & Marketing
Falcone, Tom - Owner
Feldman, Bill - Vice President
Ferriot, Craig - President
Finley, Todd - President
Franco, Perry - VP
French, Jay - Project Manager
Friel, Rick - VP Operations
Froman, Waynne - VP Operations
Fuller, Fred - Director of Sales
Ganon, Stacie - VP Finance
Gerdes, Thom - Chief Executive Officer
Gilham, Evan - COO
Gill, Rick - President
Glass, Larry - President/CEO
Godfrey, Tammy - Controller
Godfrey, Troy - General Manager
Goodsel, Kelly - President / CEO
Groleau, Matt - Chairman
Guagliardo, Dave - CFO
Hahn, Lindsey - CEO
Hallam, Mark - President
Hart, Melanie - President
Heinemann , Greg - CEO
Held, Jeff - CEO
Hertlein, Joy - CFO
Hill, Steve - Vice President
Himes, Carolyn - General Manager/CFO
Hoffmann, Ben - Manager Polymer Technologies
Houdeshell, Tom - President
Ignatowski, Jeff - Director of Sales and Marketing
Jacobson, Greg - CEO
Jastrzembski, David - Vice President Quality Assurance
Jennings, Lisa - President
Jennings, Lisa - President & CEO
John, Grant - Sales Representative
Keller, Chris - President
Kelley, Dennis - Plant Manager
Kerg, Jim - President/CEO
Keslar, Letha - Managing Director
Kessler, Ron - CEO
Keyse, Rick - COO
Kishell, Thomas - President
Kornfeld, Glenn - President
Krauss, Mark - President
Kuhn, Jaime - Operations Manager
Laboda , Dave - VP of Operations
Lail, Dean - President
Leedom, Jeff - General Manager, China Operations
Leedom, Dennis - Co-Owner/Secretary
Leedom, Dan - President
Lemper, Steve - Sales Manager
Lessard, David - VP/General Manager
Lewis, Greg - Tooling Division Manager / Owner
Lewis , Tim - President / Owner
Lewis Jr. , Dave - Engineering Manager / Owner
Lilly, Roy - CEO/President
Lohr, Mark - General Manager
Luce, Bob - President
Marsh, Nicholas - IT Manager
McCloskey, Lou - Vice President
McDaniel, Ryan - VP of Sales/Customer Service
Mengel , Jeff - Partner
Merrifield, Elizabeth - n/a
Milan, Kyle - CEO
Miller, Patricia - CEO + Visionary
Monahan, Jon - President
Moore , Jim - President
Morgan, Mike - Controller
Morgan , Ted - Senior Manager
Mount, Mathew - CFO
Moyak , Dave - General Manager
Mulvey, Chris - President
Murphy, Mark - General Manager
Nagler, Thomas - President
Newman, Pamela - COO/President
Nicolay, Todd - Vice President of Sales
Nightenhelser, Vern - Director of Manufacturing Operations
Nolen, Greg - General Manager
Nolen, Gene - President
Norris, Dan - Vice President
Ogletree, George - CEO
Olesen, Brian - President & CEO
Padgett, Chris - VP Manufacturing
Passanisi, John - President
Paules, Eric - COO
Paulson, Craig - President
Perlman, Scott - EVP
Pflughoeft, Scott - Vice President Operations
Pickens, Roger - VP of Sales
Piltz, Wayne - VP Supply Chain / HR / Logistics
Pisciotti, Diane - Director of Talent
Pleasant, Ron - CEO
Poischbeg, Matt - Vice President
Popovich, Marko - Manager of Accessories
Prenatt, Craig - VP Operations
Priest, Russ - Chief Operations Officer
prischak, donald - vp sales & marketing
prischak, dennis - president/ceo
prischak, douglas - vp tooling & engineering
prischak, daniel - vp manufacturing
Pruitt, Gary - EVP Operations
Quillen, Anita - President CEO
Rabenold, Ben - Plant Manger
Rapacki, Chris - President
Reynallt , Amy - General Manager
Reynolds, Gerard - President
Rheude, Gary - President/CEO
Rice, Derrill - CEO
Riesbeck, William - President
Ringleben, Ron - VP New Business Development
Robinson, John - President/CEO
Routsis, Andy - President
Schneberger, Jim - President
Schoon, Rod - President
Schorejs, Derek - Materials Manager
Schreffler, Doug - VP Sales & Marketing
Sellner, Richard - President
Serell, Joseph - Vice President
Shoup, Greg - Division President
Sinderson, Stephen - President
Slavens, Carl - Plant Manager
Smith, Derran - President
Smith, Harry - President
Smith, Melissa - President
Sowers, Shea - Sales Manager
Stevens, Vicky - Purchasing Manager
Stradtman, Stephen - CEO
Stradtman, Steve - CEO
Stuchell, Bart - Owner
Tabner, Laurence - CEO
Trentman, Steve - Director-Business Development
Tucker, Lyndon - President
Turk, David - President
Turner, Dale - Vice President/Controller
VanVoorhis, David - CEO
Ward, Don - Vice President
Watts, Mike - President & CEO
Weber, Bill - Engineering Manager, Puchasing Manager
Weiss, Robert - General Manager
Welter, Jack - President
Wenk, Christian - VP
Whitney, Rob - President
Wilson, Bill - President
Wilson, Brendan - Vice President of Operations
Winzeler , John - President
Wise, Fred - President
Yeany, Scott - Manufacturing Manager
Zacharias, Mike - President
Zajacz, Anthony - Plant Manager
Zanolli, Jim - General Manager
Zeiler, Keith - VP Operations
Ziegenhorn, Andy - COO
Ziegenhorn, Paul - President
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