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Asia Logistcs Partner : Feb 2nd - We are looking at doing a project in the Shenzhen area with "Company A" and need them to supply the product to "Company B." Both Companies are in Shenzhen but we cannot expose to either one, the identity of other. So....Is anyone aware of a logistics company in the Shenzhen area that "Company A" can ship to and the Logistics Company would re-label, redo the paperwork to show them as the shipper and ship to "Company B?" Wayne

Worker's Comp Classification : Jan 30th - We have been pressured by our insurance carrier to re-classify our mold makers to the same (more expensive) category as our injection molding workers. We resisted this because they are physically located in different building and seldom work on the press floor. The State of Pennsylvania recently audited and agreed with the carrier's classification. Has anyone else experienced this and successfully appealed such a reclassification? Eric Paules

Employees Leaving on Breaks : Jan 26th - Hi, I was curious if anyone had policies around where employees are allowed to go during breaks. We currently do not allow most departments to leave the building other than designated smoking areas (i.e. employees can't go to their cars) however some departments allow employees to leave the premises during breaks to get food. Does anyone have different policies for salaried vs hourly? Are your policies more formal or informal? Thanks Adam Adam Wachter

IQMS' RealTime Manufacturing Process Monitoring software : Jan 26th - Are there members using the above to monitor your molding processes? If so, how does it compare to RJG eDart? What are your biggest complaints? Thanks, Chris Chris Burkhead

DOL Reissues Previously Rescinded Opinion Letters : Jan 18th - Under the Obama administration, the Department of Labor (“DOL”) announced that it would no longer issue opinion letters. It also rescinded 17 opinion letters that had been issued under the Bush administration. Opinion letters historically served as a mechanism for the DOL to respond to fact-specific employer inquiries about wage and hour issues. While the opinion letters are not binding law, they remain a helpful resource for employers attempting to navigate the more ambiguous areas of the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”). A recent development suggests that the DOL may, once again, begin issuing opinion letters. On January 5, 2018, the DOL reissued the 17 opinion letters that were rescinded under the Obama administration. These letters offer significant guidance on numerous wage and hour issues, including the exempt status of many specific positions. Of broader relevance, the reissued opinion letters include the following: > FLSA 2018-14 - Salary deductions may be made when an employee is absent from work for one or more full days for personal reasons, other than sickness or disability. Deductions may be made for absences of one or more full days for sickness or disability, if the deductions are made pursuant to “a bona fide plan, policy or practice of providing compensation for loss of salary occasioned by such sickness or disability.” Deductions from an employee’s guaranteed salary may only be taken if the employee misses one or more full days of work. The regulations do not permit salary deductions for partial day absences. > FLSA 2018-11 - In calculating the regular rate of pay for purposes of overtime, job bonuses that are conditioned only on performing the required work associated with the job must be included. > FLSA 2018-7 - Employers may calculate salary deductions for a full-day’s absence on the number of hours actually missed. Therefore, where an employee is scheduled to work nine hours during the workday, the employer may make the deduction for the full nine hours from the employee’s salary (i.e., the amount of time actually missed). The 17 reissued letters, along with older DOL opinion letters, can be found here ( Although not every letter is pertinent to all employers, they remain a valuable source of information and worthy of employer review. If you have any questions on this topic, please contact a member of our Labor & Employment Practice Group. Eric Baisden | | 216.363.4676 Pete Kirsanow | | 216.363.4481 Karly Johnson | | 216.363.6265

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Acevedo, Julio - Set-Up Technician
Adkins, Mill - Changeover / Tool Repair Manager
Adkisson, Rick - Director, Manufacturing Strategic Projects
Alvarado, Sam -
Arquette, Tom - Chief Operating Officer
Barkalow, Walt - General Manager
Barnes , Dan - operations
Bauman, Mike - General Manager
Beavers, Chuck - Project Manager
Beifus, Jim - Operations Manager
Bitts, Sean - CMO
Bjork, Darren - Vice President
Branam, Virgil - Business Unit Manager
Branson, Cathy - QS Quality Analyst
Briggs, Richard - BM Manufacturing Engineering Manager
Brown, Butch - Tooling Mgr
Buechner, Jeremy - Operations Manager
Burton, Dwaine - Production Manager
Burton, Dallas - Production Manager
Campbell, Chuck - Production Manager
Carinci, Joseph - Plant Manager
Chmela, Brad - 2nd Shift Supervisor
Collins, Troy - Molding Operations Supervisor
Conlon, Paul - Plant Manager
Curry, Bryan - Director Operations
Davison, Tony - Production Control Manager
Debord, Kenny - Operations Manager
Deckard, Curt - Operations Manager
Dellinger, Sue - Director of Operations
Devick, Sam - Project Mgr/Quality
Dreese, Dustin - Blow Molding Plant Manager
Ducedre, Paul - Operations
Dunton, Doug - Shift Supervisor
Dye, Dan - General Manager
Eguchi, Yogi - Operations
Elchynski, Rob - Operations Manager
Evans, Mike - Operations Manager
Everett, Christopher - Production Manager
Ferrante, Dan - Operations Manager
Fouch, Shannon - Program Engineer
Fournier, Clement - N/a
Friedrich, Charlene - Inventory Manager
Frye, Rod - General Manager
Fullerton, Mike - IT Systems Administrator
Gaal, Gwen - Plant Manager
Gallagher, Joe - Safety & Training Coordinator
Garcia, Jose - Plant Manager
Gardener, Gary - Shift Lead
Grala, Jason - Vice President
Grimm, Phil - Production
Hahn, Ken - President
Harbit, David - Co-President
Harris, Jim - Plant Manager
Haupert, Michael - Production Molding Manager
Henderson, Troy - Production Supervisor
Henderson, Terry - operations
Hernandez, Domingo - Plant Manager
Hibbert, Ed - Plant Manager
Hiday, Joe - Production Manager
Hough, Brandon - General Manager
Huber, Michael - Operations Manager
Huffman, Erin - Admin
Jones, Ryan - Director Operations JPW
Keeler, Chip - Director of Molding & Finishing
Kuecherer, Kent - Plant Manager
Kyser, Jeremy - COO
LaCroix, Jim - Operations Manager
Lehman , Annette - Manufacturing Manager
Leopold, Dale - General Manager AOBP
Les, Michal - Assistant Shift Supervisor
Macino, Pat - Tooling Manager
Marks , Carey - Operations
Marquette, Myles - Vice President
Martinez, Nick - Materials Manager
McKee, Ray - Director of Manufacturing
McMartin, Jeff - Plant Manager
Miller, Stan - Manufacturing Manager
Miller , Chris - Operations
Moore, Mike - Demand Manager
Muggli, Darrin - Facilities Manager
Mussel, Gene - Operations Manager
Nighenhelser, Vern - Senior Operations Manager
Nunez, Dan - Operations Manager
Ottinger, Chris - IT Manager
Paulins, Brett - Director of Operations
Paulins, Shannon - Production Control Manager
Person , Undecided - Attending 2
Person, Undecided - Attending 3
Peschke, Christopher - Operations Manager
Phair, Roberta - Injection Molding Supervisor
Pigg, Todd - IT Manager
Plaster , Jason - Manufacturing Manager
Poor, Keith - VP of Operations
Poplicean, Ryan - Medical Production
Randolph, Tony - Operations Manager
Reeves, Joshua - Material Coordinator
Reilly, Scott - Continuous Improvement Leader
Revell, Gabe - Continuous Improvement Manager
Rhodes, Jake - Process coordinator
Rivers, Eric - Production Manager
Robson, Joe - Materials Manager
Robson, Joe - Materials Manager
Rosenberg, Rhonda - Molding Manager
Rothe, Charly - Director of Lean
Sake, James - Molding Manager
Salls, Steve - IM Molding Manager
Salls, Steve - Injection Molding Plant Manager
Sandeen, Robert - Production Manager
Santos, Andy - VP - Operations
Schaupp, Donny - Director of Manufacturing
Schmidt, Steven - Vice President of Manufacturing
Schneider, Andy - Production Manager
Schwanke, Deborah - Operations
Schwarz, Craig - Plant Manager
Scott, Mat - Blow Molding Production Manager
Sellner, Andrew - Operations & Continuous Improvement Manager
Shab, Mike - General Manager
Shissler, Thomas - Mold Manager
Sikonia, Bob - Director of Engineering & Molding / Validations
Smith, Tim - Safety Coordinator
Smith, Jim - VP Operations
Sneed, Jeff - Director of Manufacturing
Soling , Harry - VP of Operations
Solowey, Scott - VP Operations
Sprabary, Jimmy - Production Manager
Stantz, Greg - Production Manager
Summers, Susan - Office Manager
Swank, Jon - Materials Supervisor
Teague , Patrick - Safety Manager
Tilmont, Craig - Sr Project Manager
Tippery, Mike - Director of Manufacturing
Tipton, Darren - Molding Manager
Undecided, Person - ,
undecided, person attending - .
Undem, Kevin - Molding Manager
Vercauteren, Timothy - Warehouse Manager
Walker, Rogon - Vice President Operations
Weber, Jason - Schedule coordinator
Wilke, Will - Production Manager
Williams, Durwood - Operations Manager
Wittler, Keith - Corp Technologies Manager
Ziegenhorn, John - Junior Moldmaker
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