MAPP Member Roster

MAPP's membership roster of plastics processing companies from around the nation.

Member Roster: A - E

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5 Folds Agency
Advantage Plastic Products Inc.
All Service Plastic Molding, Inc.
All-Plastics Molding (Kerrville)
Allegheny Performance Plastics LLC
American Cord & Webbing Co., Inc.
Ames Industries, Inc
Arrowhead Plastic Engineering, Inc
Asaclean - Sun Plastech Inc.
Asyst Technologies LLC
Automation Plastics Corporation
Boardman Molded Products Inc.
Centro, Inc.
CEW Enterprises
CG Plastics
Chem-Trend LP
Cook Polymer
Crescent Industries, Inc.
Criterion Technology
CTB Inc.
Currier Plastics
Custom Molds/Plastics, Inc.
Damar Plastics Manufacturing Inc.
Diversified Engineering & Plastics
Dorel Juvenile Group
Drug Plastics & Bottling Company
Drug Plastics Closures, Inc.
Elkhart Plastics - South Bend
Elkhart Plastics, Inc.
Engineered Plastics Co. LLC.
ERB Industries, Inc.
Ex-Tech Plastics, Inc.
Excel Injection Molding
Extreme Tool and Engineering, Inc.
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