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MAPP Plastics Discussion Forum

The MAPP Plastic Industry Discussion Forum allows members to rapidly communicate with each other. Post both questions and answers to questions that other MAPP members have about any industry topic from material and process issues to R&E Tax Credits and other business issues.

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Latest Forum Posts Views Last Poster
New Hire Training Effectiveness Posted in Business
by Teamvantage
57 Teamvantage
16 Oct 2017 17:40
Silicon Injection Molding Supplier Posted in Business
by Damar Plastics Manufacturing I
153 Polymer Conversions, Inc.
12 Oct 2017 19:35
makrolon rw6265 x 010226 urgent Posted in Materials
by Empire Precision Plastics, Inc
69 Empire Precision Plastics, Inc
11 Oct 2017 22:08
Urgent Need for A. Schulman Matrixx Posted in Materials
by Wescon Plastics
69 Wescon Plastics
11 Oct 2017 21:51
IQMS CRM Posted in Business
by Nicolet Plastics Inc.
1280 Maloney Plastics
11 Oct 2017 20:24
Customer Manufacturing Agreement Posted in Business
by GS Industries of Bassett
837 Damar Plastics Manufacturing I
11 Oct 2017 00:24
Immediate need for Marlex 9006 Posted in Materials
by Met 2 Plastic, LLC
136 Met 2 Plastic, LLC
10 Oct 2017 15:24
Core Deflection with flexible materials Posted in Business
by Legacy Custom Plastics
186 Legacy Custom Plastics
09 Oct 2017 18:24
Sodick Injection Molding Machines Posted in Equipment
by Hunter Douglas
276 Hunter Douglas
02 Oct 2017 17:35
Urgent Need Material: MAKROLON AL2647-250210 AMBER Posted in Materials
by PRD, Inc.
304 PRD, Inc.
29 Sep 2017 22:07
RTP nylon for sale Posted in Materials
by Global Plastics
274 Global Plastics
29 Sep 2017 21:24
Central material handling Posted in Business
by Metro Plastics Technologies
294 Metro Plastics Technologies
29 Sep 2017 17:37
Urgent Need - Henkel/Loctite 5091 Nuva-Sil Posted in Materials
by Microplastics, Inc.
287 Microplastics, Inc.
29 Sep 2017 16:23
Lexan PC 3412ECR Natural with Certs Needed Posted in Materials
by Ontario Plastics, Inc.
291 Ontario Plastics, Inc.
27 Sep 2017 20:25
HDPE Marlex 9012 Needed Posted in Materials
by Indiana Plastics, Inc.
290 Indiana Plastics, Inc.
26 Sep 2017 20:29
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