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MAPP Plastics Discussion Forum

The MAPP Plastic Industry Discussion Forum allows members to rapidly communicate with each other. Post both questions and answers to questions that other MAPP members have about any industry topic from material and process issues to R&E Tax Credits and other business issues.

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Posted:  16 Jul 2008 17:25
I am looking for a good ISO 9001:2000 training resource to administer ISO champion/ management overview of the ISO process and compliance. The program could be on-line, in-person etc. Basically, I am looking for feedback on and contact information for good programs that have worked for other members.

In addition, does anyone know of a good ISO Forum?

Cindy Paris
Posted:  21 Jul 2008 15:30
You might want to try UL (United Laboratories) They offer really good services at good prices...They also will then do your auditing for certification.  Very good and very reasonable.

Thomas Houdeshell
Posted:  21 Jul 2008 17:26

We can help you develop and implement an ISO program from beginning to gaurenteed registration. Please call me at 574-457-3621 or email me at for more information. Thanks.

Bill Hess

Bill Hess
Posted:  21 Jul 2008 18:32
At this time we are using Perry-Johnson Consulting. They will help you through the entire process. If you are in the Tri-State area ask for George Cipolla or Carrie Hayden (who will help you find your local agents). The phone number is 1-877-216-3802. They will then refer you to Perry-Johnson Registra who will help you with the Certification Process.

Nickiann Dosch
Integrity Plastics. Inc.

Nickiann Dosch
Posted:  22 Jul 2008 13:43
Cindy, about 6 month ago, a MAPP Member company went through the process of finding and ISO consultant / training company.  In this process, he reached out to several MAPP Member companies to get their feedback on what were some of the best resources for plastics processors to use.

To find out more about this research and his final selections, please contact Rick Kaskel, President and CEO of Encom Polymers, Inc.  Rick's phone number is 812-421-7700 and email address is 

Troy Nix
Posted:  22 Jul 2008 16:08
Cindy, I have always found Elsmar Cove helpful.  The articles and members are very helpful.

Philip Gogel
Enviroplas, Inc.

Philip Gogel
Posted:  28 Jul 2008 15:57
Hello Cindy,
Sorry for being a little slow responding but I have been out of the office. We are a Mold design and build tool shop and we have been ISO registered since 1997. During the entire time our registar has been Underwriters Laboratories, but over the years we have used several different consultants and belonged to different users groups. We would be more than happy to give you any information we have particular to our ISO system or share our list of favorite/best consultants. Contact muself or our Quality Management Representitive Jim Greeson.
Best of luck on your quality journey.
Ron Overton
Posted:  28 Jul 2008 17:40
Hi Cindy,

The American Society for Quality (ASQ) has a ton of resources and on-line training available on their website.

Mark Murphy
PRD, Inc.
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