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MAPP Plastics Discussion Forum

The MAPP Plastic Industry Discussion Forum allows members to rapidly communicate with each other. Post both questions and answers to questions that other MAPP members have about any industry topic from material and process issues to R&E Tax Credits and other business issues.

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Posted:  08 Sep 2008 17:50   Last Edited By: Makuta Technics
With auxillary equipment such as thermolators, what is a general rule when deciding to repair or replace units.

On some older units, over the course of their service, we have spent almost as much on repairing them as a replacement would cost today.

What are some ways that are used to justify replacing a unit instead of contuining to spend money on repairing it?

Posted:  08 Sep 2008 19:39
We track the causes and costs of repairs.  If, withing three years, repairs amount to 75% of the replacement cost, the piece of equipment becomes a strong candidate for replacement.

Dan Cunningham
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