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Posted:  06 Feb 2014 18:48
Sales Representative
About the Job
Our Mission

To help North American injection molding companies solve the mystery of sourcing injection molds and tooling offshore.

Our Vision

Provide our clients a wide range of products, services, training and support that improve their understanding of off shore tooling so they can use off shore tooling as a truly competitive advantage. We will view our mission as successful only when our clients see significant growth in sales of products molded in North America. Off shore mold builds will be: lower cost than domestic builds, have the same or better quality with more options and be delivered to you with faster lead times.

The Role - Independent Sales Representative

AGENT shall perform the following marketing, sales and account management services to the best of its abilities and to JADE’s satisfaction, including and without limitation:

• Implement a sales strategy for all Jade product and service offerings including but not limited to Injection Molds, Proto-Types, and Product Design and Testing Services to markets within the sales territory but not limited to it. Such sales strategy will be prepared in writing by Agent and will be reported and updated Quarterly.
• Exercise responsibility for all sales resulting from business relationships that AGENT has initiated. This includes but is not limited to full and active account management on all active projects following Jade's systems and procedures.
• AGENT is responsible for establishing contact with potential customers, providing potential customers with information regarding products and services of JADE.
• AGENT will record all leads and visits with potential customers in JADE's CRM software Zoho CRM.
• Agent will be fully versed in all of Jade's online systems including but not limited to Zoho CRM, and Box.


• JADE will provide AGENT with marketing materials. Materials may include brochures, and access to a website, promotional items and other relevant marketing materials.
• JADE will direct any leads to AGENT that are associated with leads from agent market scope.


• Bachelor's Degree Engineering, Business or related field


• Driver's license
• 5+ Years Outside Sales experience
• Specific Knowledge/Experience of the Manufacturing (Injection Molding) Industry in the Southern California area or South East US states.


• Excellent communication skills
• Good computer skills
• Good negotiation skills
• Solves problems effectively
• Well organized
• Works well independently
• Works well with others


• Draw on commissions - AGENT will receive a regular $3,000 per month draw against commissions for up to 1 year.
• 1st Year On-Target Commission earnings - $60,000 +
• 2nd Year On-Target Commission earnings - $120,000 +

Contact and send resume to  Tony Stewart, VP Sales and Marketing via email at 

Tony Stewart
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