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MAPP Plastics Discussion Forum

The MAPP Plastic Industry Discussion Forum allows members to rapidly communicate with each other. Post both questions and answers to questions that other MAPP members have about any industry topic from material and process issues to R&E Tax Credits and other business issues.

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Posted:  07 Jul 2016 20:09
I was wondering what people in the industry are doing regarding missing inserts. We have tried everything except for spending the money on expensive cameras. We all know it is a manual operation and operators sometimes forget and insert. The % is >1% but the issue is that our customers may not find a part with a missing insert until it is at final assembly. By that time it is 95% assembled and the cost to completely disassemble a medical device for one missing insert is painful to them. Any advise would be greatly appreciated   

John Therriault
Posted:  07 Jul 2016 22:06
At 1% or less it still may be very costly to you given you are dealing with a medical assembly. Have you costed out having the machine operator mark each insert area with a marker showing they have checked and confirmed the inserts presence prior to passing the product? If not and cost effective you would then have proof your operator at least looked at the area. Of course a camera detecting presence prior to the molding cycle would be most effective. I think Banner has a system that is capable of this pre and post molding cycle options
Posted:  07 Jul 2016 22:15
We do have the operator putting their number on the inside of the part. Believe it or not they still get out.
To be more clear we are not inserting into the mold. We are doing the insertion as a separate operation.
We may have upwards of 20 inserts per part and of that 20 there could be 3-4 different sizes on different levels.
Thanks for your response!
Posted:  08 Jul 2016 14:32
John, I was visiting Global Plastics out of Indianapolis the other day.  I was impressed with an automated system they were using where the end of arm tooling was picking up 8 cavities of inserts, visually inspecting, and placing in the mold cavity to ensure 100% accuracy. 

I believe there was another visual system that took a snap shot after the cycle to ensure all were in place.

If you want, I can connect you with the owner, JR Spitznoggle; a long time member of MAPP.

Let me know.


Troy Nix
Posted:  08 Jul 2016 15:50
Unfortunately when humans are involved these issues are present and there really isn't any way to solve it 100%.  Our solution has been total automation with part verification.  Even if the reject rate is <1% if you calculate in the cost of quality as well as the potential for lost sales it isn't that hard to justify.

J. Harris
Posted:  11 Jul 2016 20:54
Does the weight vary enough to catch with a scale after inserts are installed?

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