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MAPP Plastics Discussion Forum

The MAPP Plastic Industry Discussion Forum allows members to rapidly communicate with each other. Post both questions and answers to questions that other MAPP members have about any industry topic from material and process issues to R&E Tax Credits and other business issues.

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Posted:  31 Aug 2016 23:26
I didn't see this question addressed in the Wage Survey, so I was curious on getting some feedback on how others address paying employees for unscheduled work days when the total hours worked wouldn't otherwise qualify those hours for OT pay. We occasionally require employees to work on days they are not scheduled and there are occasions where those don't qualify for OT pay and we have received some push back from employees so I was interested in how other might handle these situations.

Adam Wachter
Posted:  01 Sep 2016 17:10
Overtime is not mandatory for hours worked less than 40. We count Holidays and PTO toward their worked hours when calculating OT. Otherwise they are not paid OT for any hours worked less than 40.
Posted:  01 Sep 2016 17:18   Last Edited By: Quality Assured Plastics, Inc.
If they are required to work on an unscheduled day, it is only OT when they reach 40 hours for the week.

We have received "push back" too, but usually the reason they don't qualify for OT is because they missed a day. They are still required to work when they are required to work.

Annette Crandall
Posted:  01 Sep 2016 17:23
As stated above overtime is not required for less than 40 hours ,and if you would pay it you could be setting yourself up for a problem by not being consistent in every situation.

We only count time worked towards overtime. So holidays and PTO are not included.I am not sure if every state allows this or not so that should be looked into

Glenn Kornfeld
Posted:  01 Sep 2016 17:24
If they missed a day and did not have PTO for that day we would not pay them OT. Those who worked all week would get OT if the extra day put them over 40 hours. Those who worked the extra day and did not total over 40 hours would not get OT.
Posted:  01 Sep 2016 18:08
Thanks for the responses so far. Where this is usually coming into play for us is when someone takes a PTO day during the week so their hours worked would be underneath 40, but including PTO they would be over 40. Today we don't include the PTO hours in the calculation for OT and this is where we are getting push back.
Posted:  01 Sep 2016 18:37
You are not required to count PTO toward hours worked. However In this case I would side with the employee.
Posted:  01 Sep 2016 21:26
We are not required to pay OT for PTO, but we treat PTO as if it were time worked in the case of OT calculations.

If they cash in a Vacation or Bonus Day, it does not count toward their 40 hours.  But if they actually take a day off that is paid, it is included in their 40. 

I have worked in places that did it both ways. 

Annette Crandall
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