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MAPP Plastics Discussion Forum

The MAPP Plastic Industry Discussion Forum allows members to rapidly communicate with each other. Post both questions and answers to questions that other MAPP members have about any industry topic from material and process issues to R&E Tax Credits and other business issues.

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Posted:  07 Sep 2016 00:40
We just had an associate terminate herself. She Vila.ted our cell phone policy No cell phone usage on the production floor. She terminated saying she could not work where she could not use her cell phone.  Anyone else experiencing this ?
Posted:  08 Sep 2016 17:08
lol, sorry, but we have had so much discussion on this subject.  I would be happy to share our policy.  Please email me. 

Theresa Turlua
Posted:  08 Sep 2016 17:50
Can you also email me your policy for this because we have had issues with this as well.

Gerald Cox
Posted:  08 Sep 2016 18:00
I would like to see it as well.

Eddie Knapp

Eddie Knapp
Posted:  08 Sep 2016 18:16

One more please. 

We have had many discussions about this at our shop. Our first attempt at no phones fizzled.

The phones are a distraction, but many people use them for good reasons. Texting is great for eliminating the 10 minute walks around the shop looking for someone or getting quick bits of information.  Not to mention the apps.

We have been testing radios but it seems silly when everybody is walking around with the right tool already.

Thought about a policy with different rules for different departments but I am concerned about the message sent. 

Andy Santos
Posted:  08 Sep 2016 18:24
Metro and KY send me your emails and I will send the policy!
Posted:  08 Sep 2016 18:27
Andy from Asyst you email keeps bouncing back.
Posted:  08 Sep 2016 18:28
Ironwood. Please send to
Posted:  08 Sep 2016 18:33
LOL, that is because I typed it wrong.

At least it wasn't my name I misspelled.
Posted:  08 Sep 2016 19:10
We have had the same problems in our facility and currently in process of writing new handbook. It is turning into a real headache some days. Currently, we have told employees that usage is only acceptable breaks and lunch.
If someone has a good policy, please share.

Jim Krezel
Posted:  08 Sep 2016 19:27
My email is


Gerald Cox
Posted:  08 Sep 2016 20:14
Hi Theresa.  If you wouldn't mind sharing your policy, I'd love to see it.  Thanks!

Paul Ziegenhorn
Posted:  08 Sep 2016 20:36
Please send to
Thank you

Annette Crandall
Posted:  08 Sep 2016 20:40
Theresa.  My email is

Paul Ziegenhorn

Paul Ziegenhorn
Posted:  08 Sep 2016 22:52

We have the same problems.   I would really like to see your policy.   Thanks.

Scott Monroe
Posted:  12 Sep 2016 13:52
Wow, what a topic I would like to see it as well.

Theresa, my email is
Posted:  12 Sep 2016 14:09
Ironwood Plastics

Here is my e-mail Theresa.

Jim Krezel
Posted:  12 Sep 2016 17:24
Theresa... Could you please email your cell phone policy to us as well at

Thank you!

Bethany Zajac
Posted:  15 Sep 2016 17:07
Me too please

Gary Grigowski
Posted:  15 Sep 2016 17:43
Would like to see your policy as well.



James Doster
Posted:  15 Sep 2016 18:07
Someone who quits over cell phone usage did you a favor. Thank them.

Our policy works very well.  Usage is only on breaks and lunch. Phone must be in their locker or in their car - not on them or at their station.  Employees are given specific exemption - only lead mold tech on a shift and the shift supervisor can have a cell phone.  Emergency calls go directly to the shift supervisor and the supervisor handles things with the employee.  Half-hearted enforcement will hurt your culture, so be willing to discipline/fire over it.
Posted:  15 Sep 2016 19:07

I am also interested in reviewing your policy. 

Jason Grala
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