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MAPP Plastics Discussion Forum

The MAPP Plastic Industry Discussion Forum allows members to rapidly communicate with each other. Post both questions and answers to questions that other MAPP members have about any industry topic from material and process issues to R&E Tax Credits and other business issues.

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Posted:  07 Mar 2017 19:10
I searched the forum for "REACH" and only located a few threads related to the topic and they were fairly dated going back to 2008.
We have a few customers that are now asking that we provide them with information / certification in regard to the REACH directive.  Just curious as to everyone's experience with this and how you are handling it?  Your input / feedback would be appreciated.
Posted:  24 Mar 2017 00:08
Personally, I have over 400 materials, but only about 25 manufacturers of materials. (Ticona, Sabic, Ineos, Dupont)

So I find it easiest to ask each supplier/distributor (Nexeo, MHolland, Entec, or PolyOne) to send me a blanket REACH letter from the manufacturer every 1-3 years; depending on how often I use their product, or how often the customer asks for it.

I keep scanned copies of all of these on my networks' hard drive and as I use IQMS I also attach these under the external documents tab for each material.

Then when my customer asks me for ROHS or REACH, I just send them copies of the latest letters I have on file, as well as the SDS.

Which a lot of new SDS's have a ROHS &/or REACH directive listed in them under section 15.
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