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MAPP Plastics Discussion Forum

The MAPP Plastic Industry Discussion Forum allows members to rapidly communicate with each other. Post both questions and answers to questions that other MAPP members have about any industry topic from material and process issues to R&E Tax Credits and other business issues.

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Posted:  26 Apr 2017 15:48
Looking for a good method for verbal communication without having to walk around to “find” people.
Line leader looking for supervisor, start up talking to materials person in central loading area.  Basically minimize the time it takes to locate or notify someone of a need. 
Has anyone found a good system, Radio, locators, ect…

Steve Craprotta
Posted:  26 Apr 2017 19:16
Hi Steve,

We had the same problem.  We started using 2 way radios a few years back.  They work well.  Distributed to all key plant floor personnel. One draw back is they are a little on the bulky side to wear around.  But mostly a case of getting used to it. Can be a fairly substantial investment depending on number of people needing it.

Posted:  26 Apr 2017 21:58
Great Thank you.  Did you use a particular brand?
Posted:  26 Apr 2017 22:23
Vertex Standard- VX261
Posted:  08 Nov 2017 20:50
We use Motorola DTR410.  Small antenna, but a lot of power and options.

Dan Wray
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