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MAPP Plastics Discussion Forum

The MAPP Plastic Industry Discussion Forum allows members to rapidly communicate with each other. Post both questions and answers to questions that other MAPP members have about any industry topic from material and process issues to R&E Tax Credits and other business issues.

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Plastic Industry Forum - Converse with Plastics Processing Leaders / Business / Using tablets at Injection Molding Presses
Posted:  26 Oct 2017 21:51
Interested in chatting with anyone using tablets at the presses to capture data instead of manually recording and then keying in a spreadsheet.  Thanks in advance!

Posted:  26 Oct 2017 23:28
We've been using tablets at all of our presses for a few years already.  I'd be happy to chat with you regarding our experiences.

Mike Walter
Posted:  07 Nov 2017 20:56
I would be interested in hearing what others are doing with tablets.  We have been using tablets at our IMM for the last year or so, primarily for tracking scrap.  We are in the process now of putting our job books onto the tablets, with a goal of eliminating the hard cover binders.  We would eventually like to be paperless in the production area.

Kathy Dobie
Posted:  07 Nov 2017 22:24
THanks for the responses....Mike, give me a call when you can 276-629-5317 x19.     I love the idea of putting the job books onto the tablets, Kathy and how you are tracking scrap.   

Donna Rorrer
Posted:  08 Nov 2017 17:53
Donna, we use MATTEC,which is a real time software program for scheduling jobs and tracking production run (quantities).  We have used it for many years.  The tablets at each machine are connected to MATTEC and the Team Members enter their scrap numbers into MATTEC using the tablets.  They can also call for help through MATTEC using the tablet. Our plan is to add our documentation to the tablets as well.  We have already done this successfully at our Final Audit station on a tablet using PDF work instruction documents in Microsoft OneDrive and eliminated the FA work instruction binder.  Much easier and more efficient.         

Kathy Dobie
Posted:  16 Nov 2017 14:27
Thanks Kathy!
Posted:  16 Nov 2017 21:40

How do your operators call for help using the tablets?

Lindsey Hahn
Posted:  17 Nov 2017 00:29
The call for help is actually through the MATTEC system.  By that I mean the team member can page the supervisor, or other personnel to the machine.  There is a robotic voice that will announce "Supervisor to press"....there is also an emergency call.  The table is connected to the MATTEC system.

The scrap count is also through MATTEC, enter on the tablet.
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