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MAPP Plastics Discussion Forum

The MAPP Plastic Industry Discussion Forum allows members to rapidly communicate with each other. Post both questions and answers to questions that other MAPP members have about any industry topic from material and process issues to R&E Tax Credits and other business issues.

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Posted:  02 Jul 2008 13:41
We are experiencing extreme early wear on at least 4 CPM 9V injection screws purchased within a year from one domestic manufacturer.

We have experienced 60-80% less life running in 80-230 ton presses, with basically the same engineered resins and machines we have run for years.

These are used late model electric and hydraulic presses with GP grind configurations, free flow return valves, new carbide barrels, and heat zones all confirmed working properly.

These have all basically been installed in past 6 months and far exceed specified wear tolerances already, where as we have seen 18-24 months life and 60-80% more shots from other screws that are specified as CPM 9V.

1) I am looking for recommendation for testing method and source to confirm whether we have been sold inferior screws and how to have OEM warrant them.

2) Have others experienced excessive or unusually high wear and loss of life in recent times?

Scott Hanaway/ Kenni Hoffman
Posted:  02 Jul 2008 15:54

I have always had good luck with CPM 9V screws, the only time I have seen excessive wear was from feed issues, has your screw rotate time changed? do you have to run higher RPM to maintain this time?

some of the things we do to reduce wear.

1) Run a reverse profile on the heats
2) We have had some of our screw tips modified 0.004 off the back seat to help with the feed issue.
3) Have a good purge / shut down / start up procedure.

As for a recommendation for testing you can contact Dave Larson at Westland Corp. and he sould be able to help with this.

Pat Collins
Posted:  02 Jul 2008 17:38
I have been using a company named Canterbury Engineering for a number of years.  I have gone from using over $300,000 a year when I first took over as maintenance supervisor 6 years ago, today that number is $100,000.  That includes barrels, tips, heads, screws and check rings.  Canterbury has been there during the entire process and has helped me achieve that number.  You may want to contact Ron Latewiec at 1-800-241-7650.  They can evaluate your screws or barrels and give you the straight story.  The other item is that the material company have they added any additives to the material?  I had a 140mm screw went bad within 6 months and found out the material was causing the problem.  The material company added some additives which then let off a gas inside the barrel and prematurely wore the screw; Canterbury helped with that last month on finding the solution.  They are also great to work with in warranty situations.  I believe if you call this guy you will get some results and save money.  He will beat anyone's price and some interesting payment terms.  When I purchase from Canterbury I have everything on a net 170 days, but I have we have been working with this company for 12 years.  Please contact me if you would like.

Bill Graham
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