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MAPP provides members with plastics processing training, industry networking opportunities, cost reduction programs, lead generation strategies and opportunities, operational benchmarking statistics and plastics news. MAPP's mission is to help plastic processors stay competitive in an ever-changing plastics marketplace.

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Communicate with Members:  Dynamic exchange of ideas, resources, and solutions between business leaders and senior executives provides MAPP Members with a distinct advantage in the plastics industry market place.
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Benchmarking Reports:  Plastics Executives looking to make better decisions faster use the results of MAPP’s benchmarking studies to determine where their organization stacks up to the rest of the industry.  Understanding performance gaps can lead to better more focused decisions ultimately impacting the bottom line. 
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Cost Reduction Programs:  With hundreds of plastics businesses, MAPP is able to use economies of scale and enhanced leverage to obtain better pricing and opportunities for its Members.  These discount and price advantage programs positively impacts the bottom lines of each MAPP Member. 
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Business and Technical Resource Directory:  The most dynamic plastics industry networking tool, MAPP’s Business and Technical Resource Directory functions as a who’s who in plastics manufacturing.  The old saying, “don’t reinvent the wheel” is a philosophy that MAPP takes very seriously.  Time is money so MAPP ensures its Members are equipped with direct access to industry contacts who have years of experience in ALL aspects of manufacturing.  MAPP Members don’t waste time finding resources since the resources are literally at their finger tips; instead they use their time working with resources to solve their problems.  Simply put, MAPP has created a dynamic environment where Plastics Professionals actively help Plastics Professionals…it’s just that simple.

Networking opportunities: Throughout the year, MAPP provides ample opportunities for plastics professionals to network with each other. From member plant tours, peer networking webinars, the annual Benchmarking Conference and more, there is always an opportunity to get to know other MAPP members. Read more>>

ERP Software: Decades of industry experience are behind IQMS’s powerful ERP software solution, relied upon by thousands of users at plastics processors worldwide. From injection molding and extrusion, to compounding and thermoforming, IQMS addresses the demanding standards for on-time delivery, order accuracy, quality and pricing. IQMS’s single-source solution keeps plastics manufacturing lean. IQMS offers exclusive discounts and rates to MAPP Members.

Business Opportunities:  MAPP acts as a clearing house for Plastics End Users, OEMs, and Plastics Component Users.  Research & Development Engineers, Designers, and Purchasing professionals often use MAPP to find the right processor to make their plastics parts.  Companies who are in need of finding plastics manufacturers will use MAPP’s well seeded network to find the capabilities they need for tooling, low and high production jobs, prototyping and more.

Business Prepardness Planning Template:  MAPP's partnership with Federated Insurance brings additional benefits to Members to help each plan and prepare for the unthinkable.  With this program, MAPP Members have access to a comprehensive 13 step program designed to ensure that they are prepared for natural disasters or other tragedies that may hit without notice.  At a normal cost of thousands of dollars, this service template is FREE to MAPP Members.

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